Raj Rajeswari Meldi Mataji
Sri Kishorbhaiji was born on May 23, 1976 to Shri. Ramanlal and Smt. Manguba. It became clear from birth that this baby was very special. Shri Bhaiji was born with a distinct mark of the "Trishul"(Divine Symbol), which was vividly visible to all. Knowing the meaning of the symbol, many recognized the child to be holy and very blessed, and from a very early age, Bhaiji began showing a great interest in spiritual life. As a child, Bhaiji participated eagerly in Pujas and Yagnas (Religious Ceremonies) and would insist on visiting temples and prayer sessions on a daily basis.
Raj Rajeswari Meldi Mataji
Parolidham, the spiritual oasis stands as a testimony to the creative manifestation of Shree Raj Rajeshwari Meladi’s divine vision, enabling humankind to tread the
path of Dharma (righteousness), by understanding and transforming oneself, in the most difficult period of Kaliyuga. The temple is situated in Panchmahal district in Ghoghaba Taluka, 18 kms away from Pawagadh Pavitra Dham and on Babariya Road. The area near by this village is fertile land, wherein everyone can experience the divine energy and transformation by walking through the 18 KM starpath, laid with profound messages of truth and righteousness.
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